"Update: Princess and Bernie"

These little kids have been so faithful and loyal to us.
They come back daily and hang on the screen door, peek in the kitchen window.
They even go to the front door and scratch! Not kiddin'!
It's like they think they are trickin' us or something...
"Psst...hey Bernie, let's go to the front door and maybe they will think we are bum squirrels..who ran out of nuts..."

Mr. Bernie here loves his little home in the tree...they have quite the nest going on in here.
The Mr. comes out daily and hands them a peanut from thier front door.
Yes, he's polite.
He knocks first.

I have to admit:
I was worried for the Mr. they wouldn't come back.
However, we are NO WAY experts on raising squirrels....we just wanted to give them a fair shot in life...
and thank goodness they still seem happy and know where *home* is.
We always have a HUGE stock of food for them.
They are.


Trish said…
I still think this is just so neat!

They act just like human kids....come home ever now and again to get their bellies full....they just don't bring all the dirty laundry :O)
Tiffany said…
This is so funny! Funny because it's cool, but also funny because we had an uninvited vistor to our house over Christmas! It scared me to DEATH!! Ha! I woke up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom and when I turned on the light a squirrel and I were one on one in a 4x4 space! ha! All turned out well.

These pictures are awesome! It is so crazy that they let you so close. Very neat. Have a great rest of the week! 1/2 way there!!
Gosh your so good at photography! Where Im from there are flying squirrels everywhere its so crazy to watch them!
Lindsey said…
That is so cool!!
Jen~nae said…
Those are NEAT pics Jod! You did a wonderful job! They're absolutely ADORABLE and I'm glad they stayed close to home! Are they shy around strangers? They're obviously very thankful you guys raised them and gave them a chance at life!
Miss Anne said…
This is the cutest story, Jod! I love your photos lately... you are learning and taking great shots!

:) miss you!

I knew you would never give them up completely. They know exactly where home and the food is, their not dummies. So tell me, any grand babies yet? They are probably too young for that, I just thought I'd ask.
Ashley Pizarro said…
You are too cute! That is so crazy that you have friendly little rodents as visitors. haha just kidding! They would HATE to be in my yard...my hubby has picked up three deceased ones thanks to the three animals that live with us. yikes!
Heather said…
This still cracks me up!! I want one of our squirrels in the backyard to be our "friend"!!
Miss-happypants said…
You guys are so fricken sweet! I love it. Nobody else I know in the world has squirrels for pets. You are one of a kind. :) Just one of the many things I love about you.

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