"Better Late Than Never"

I have been sadly-pathetically-been working on this gift for my Mom for over a year.
I admit this.
I'm a terrible crafter.
I have great ideas.
Just never get around to doing them...
Later, I say.

Then with all these fabulous goodies the Mr. got for me for Christmas...I had to try them!
So, I got a huge "King-Kong size- Creative Bug" and my craft room was busy over the weekend!
I had scissors going, printers running, stamps pads a-stampin'!
It was great!
Paper everywhere.
Pure Bliss :)

My SB Buddies back home would make fun of me.
{not throwing rocks at me-making fun of me}
B/C I could not step away from a layout!
I keep adding.and adding.and adding...
Awful I say.
Not enough Bling I say!

So, this is her Late Birthday gift.from...a year ago.
I know.

Yes, if you look close. That is us.
In a parade.
I was waving like I was the princess of the court!
I was waving to.
Just waving.
Having a great time :)

The very last page here on the bottom is my favorite.
The End.

Have a wonderful craft filled day!
Let  everything you do,
Be *wonderful*
Just- don't forget the Bling!


Blair said…
This is a wonderful heart felt gift! It looks really good. My sister is a scrapbooker as well and I have never been crafty enought to attempt it!
Enjoy your Tuesday!
I think it turned out great!!!
Lindsey said…
What a gorgeous gift!!
Kaitlin said…
That is amazing! So thoughtful and crafty!
Wow that scrapbook is awesome! I start projects and then put them off forever too. I tend to distract myself with other things.
A year late or not...that is quite an amazing gift!! What a treasure! :)
Good job Jod!
Looks great!
Miss Anne said…
Well done my dear! We know you LOVE your bling! ;)

I bet she'll just love the heck out of it!

Wow thats awesome! I do not have the patience to scrapbook and when I do its a hot mess! Yours is amazing!
What a great gift! Could you give me some scrapbooking lessons via the blog world? : ) I did one for my mom's 50th, but haven't finished the pictures from her party yet. Mine looked NOTHING like yours, though. Too cute!
Stephanie said…
What a special gift! It looks awesome!
it looks great! i am so not crafty, but wish i could put some sort of scrapbook together. it never happens though!
Miss-happypants said…
What a perfect gift. She is going to LOVE it!!!

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