"$ Dollar $ Dollar $"

For all you crafters out there...."Michaels"***grin*** has a nice little $ bin going on!
Look at all this stuff for...
**Big Grin**
First off: Chipboard books are wonderful and coming up in the scrapbook craze. Well, MY craze ;)

*BLING*! Who in the world has all the *Bling* they can handle?
Not me :)

Very nice*
Very cute for decorating.
My friend Anne over at Indefinitly Definite got me hooked on lots of different things..but this is a fav of mine.
{these are suppose to be used as  coasters...however since I'm a rule breaker-I'll cut'em up and use them for other stuff..know why?} Stay tuned....

And we have here lovely folks-
Luggage Tags!
I know! How adorable :)
I was thinking the same.
I kinda screamed in the store when I saw these...
Tag all your scrapbook luggage {{{luggage? you say...you have NO idea! Yes..luggage}}}
and your lovely bags :)

Clear stamps...an old time favorite also.
Don't get me wrong..I love the wooden mount ones still. However the clear ones are easier to store and use ;)

See, you can use to felt ones (above) for decorating and use these for scrapbook friends' drinks :)
Ta! Da!

Lovely little note cards...to let your friends and family know your always thinking of them :)

These little buckets are fabulous!
I'll decorate them and use them to store all my pens, pencils, cutting thingy's...(names are escaping me-this early in the morning...yawn...)

You all have a fabulous day and don't let the little things bother you ;)


Llama said…
Oh my goodness! I love love Michaels $1 bin! I find sooo many awesome things in there. The rubber stamps are def one of my favs too...they are so easy to clean! Love it! I knew that I liked you! hehe! You have def. reminded me how far behind i am on my scrapbooking...i think a trip to Michaels is in order!!
BTW i loooove that stick figure family...so funny bc i was going to write a post about my stick figure family obessessionnnnnn...now one is def in order! You are very inspiring today! hehe! xo
Jocelyn said…
I was just there the other day stocking up! But I just might need to go back again...today...in the snow storm. wink, wink! Too bad we didn't live close...I need someone to create with:-)
Vanessa said…
Great stuff!! I'm liking the coasters but I know no one would use them in my house except to biff them across the room!
Jen~nae said…
Oh man! You can never have too much scrapbooking stuff huh Jod? hehe You know, you could look at a stick lying on the ground and think of something crafty to do with it! You truly are amazing and inspiring to scrapbooking peeps!
Shay said…
Getting back into the girls scrapbooking IS one of my resolutions this year! Maybe I should run by Michael's!
Stephanie said…
Wow, crafty and a bargain hunter - nice! Looks like you got some great stuff!
Trish said…
wow what a great score! If I didn't feellike I had been hit by a truck I would head right out to Michaels and hit that $1 bin like a wild woman....but alass, I have the flu, still can't breath and feel like doodie on a stick!

Ashley Pizarro said…
Awesome finds at Michaels! I love going through their dollar bins whenever I am there. The luggage tags are too cute...I think I'll be making a trip there this weekend.
Kyla said…
I'm so sad the closest Michael's is one hour away :(

I NEEEEED those coasters with the dresses/cupcakes on them! My kitchen is done in cupcakes! love, love, love!!!
Jenn said…
wow you really racked up! I could spend hours in Michaels!
The Pink Chick said…
What great finds! I need to go to Michael's ASAP!!!
Does the name "Scrapbooking Anonymous" mean anything to you? Don't mind me, I'm not known for sarcasm. Scrapbook away--I'm glad to see you have something you enjoy doing. Keep up the crafty work.
Tracy-Girl said…
I love the dollar section at Michaels!! :) Look at all of your goodies you got... I love it!
Miss-happypants said…
I love the dollar bins too! I havne't been there in awhile though, I'll have to check them out. You spent a lot of dollars though..hahaha. I like the little buckets! We're those a dollar too?

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