11.1.09.."..and what did YOU do?....."

We had so much fun dressing up and getting ready- for our first (for the both of us...)- dress up Halloween Party...we just made it up as we went! He was a Redneck vampire..Lol! I was some sort-of-vampire...person....
I had to show the Mr. how to put mascara on and it he claimed it tickles his eyes.... He did his own make-up, and I do have to say- he looked GREAT!!!!
We arrived at the Halloween Party and as usual...Miss Netti and The Mr. Q.... went out of their way...the place looked great! with wonderful food...yummy! Had fake fog, huge spiderweb at the front door...the place looked spooky!!
The Mr was in charge of the Trick-or-Treaters and he scared the Bageez-es out of the little kids! Hardly any of them said "Trick-or-Treat"...they just stared at him and grabbed their parent...
The kids were sooooooo cute!!
I can't wait!
I need a reason to dress up now, for all the Halloweens!!
We are planning for next year- what will we be?????
P.s.......he's having a hard time getting the eye make-up off! Lol!! He looks so pretty with it on...Ha! Ha!
What? What eye make-up remover?....never heard of it....


Vanessa said…
Great costumes and photos!!!
Hope you had a great Halloween!
Jen~nae said…
You guys looked GREAT!! OH man....Poor trick or treaters! hahah You guys look like you had a BLAST!! And good job not telling about eye make-up remover!!! heheheheh He'll probably spend all day trying to get that off! :) You guys crack me up! I'm glad you had a good time!!!
Ashley Pizarro said…
You guys are too cute! I'm so glad you had a great time!
Beth Dunn said…
That sounds like a blast. Love the pics. xoxo

thanks for those compliments about the kids and my silly recollections. UH< if you were made to feel old by those pictures...let me inform you those are VERY old pictures I used.....
That is so great! You both looked great!

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