.10.9.09.." My Reasoning..."

Since I'm on a rampage about the welfare and how important it is to keep up on animals health...

My sister and I back in 1997...heard about this horse. We took our horse trailer knowing I would take her home.
I took one look.
Crawled through the fence and hugged her and cried.
I would not leave without her.
We stayed for 3 hours on these peoples' property that I didn't even know, waiting for them to come home.I was getting angrier by the second...
By the time these people showed up...I was FORCING them to let me take her...they were deciding as I was already tearing down the fence and loading her into the trailer...
I threatened lawsuit and animal cruelty charges...
I took her home and had a specialist come out and do her feet. Bathed and clipped her....slowly brought her back to health. It was a loooong but rewarding battle...
Her name was "Jeep".
I'm actually welling up as I'm writing this.
She was so grateful for us saving her. She brought countless and wonderful memories of horse back riding in the hills...numerous laughs.
She trusted me to no extent! She did everything I asked and more. Never twice. I rode her with no bridle. nothing...amazing she was... She listed to my leg commands... Followed me around like a friend...never having to get after her. She survived a barn fire even!
I had her til the rip old age of 36. That is extremely old for a horse. I would have still kept her going but her poor lil' teeth starting coming out and she couldn't chew anymore.
I said "Good-bye" in 2001.

I see this stuff ALL THE TIME!! Every single day. Cats. Dogs. Horses.
I wish I could save and help them all. But I can't.$$$$
My line of work does a number on your heart everyday. I end up to where, I hate people. Hate people for thinking animals are disposable. They depend on us.
All they ask in return.
To be treated like a part of the family.


Jen~nae said…
oh my gosh! She looked like a totally different horse! She was gorgeous! Jody True that was such a sweet blog. You had me tearing up. :( She sounds like she was absolutely wonderful! Even if you can't save every other animal you see that's hurting, at least you were able to save her. :) And man oh man you did a WONDERFUL job! I'm sure her and your sweet Captain are running together now. :) What a great story Jody! You're such a wonderful, caring, sweet, and loving person. I MISS AND LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!
Anonymous said…
You have such a big heart!
Beth Dunn said…
You are a good sweet person. You can tell you cared for and brought love to her life. xoxo

Tracy-Girl said…
These horses are absolutely beautiful!! I love those animals!
Brown Girl said…
oh this makes me so sad, i am such a huge animal lover, i'm talking HUGE...i can't even read or watch stories like this (even with a good ending) because I just get so tore up about it
You are a TRUE caring person....(he he he I said True....lol) There sure needs to be more people like you out there!!!
This world needs more people like you. The horse looks wonderful.
I can't believe the gall of some people -- how can they do that to an animal? The sad thing is, that it happens all the time. I'm so glad you were able to save that horse -- there do need to be more people like you!

Love your blog :)
Iva said…
wow!! thank you so much! that was so incredible of you! I love horses so much, I think they are such strong, beautiful, amazing animals!

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