.10.8.09.."My **Heart**"

Isn't she the cutest thing ever!
Now with the pix above- how could anyone not, take this face home?
She captured my heart January of 2000, just a little over 6 weeks old.
Outside of a feed store.
I wasn't going to take her home initially. But the crowd around me kept wanting to take her from me, cuz she was soooo cute. I didn't want to give her up.
I was luckily the first to pick her up and then gave the lady $15.00....I know. I know. I strongly do not agree buying pets!!!
But I did. Best $15.00 I've spent.*****

I took her to my new job and had her visit with her new Vet, the other day.
**Gasp** she detected a heart murmur.
I think my heart stopped.
The heat in my face got real hot and my eyes welled up.
Not my **Love**.
She's been my best-est friend since- before the Mr.
She's getting older.
I have to face this.
I see people everyday not taking care of their 4-legged animals.(people if you have an animal and can not properly take care of it.Give it to another loving home, you wouldn't let your kids go with head lice untreated. Or worms would you?)

I take care of my animals. Breaks my heart she has a condition I can't do anything about.
I will drop her weight. Watch her RR @ a rest.
I wonder why my ol' boss never told me she had this?
Probably cuz he knows I would react like this.

Ha! Maybe the Good Lord won't bless us with children because he is trying to protect me from embarrassing myself - I would be the mother running out on the "football field":"Hey! Hey! Ya you young man! Did I see you just push my son? Don't lie to me! I saw it with my own eyes...pick on someone your own size!"
My future son: "Umm. Mom.I'm 25 years old and this is a game."
Me:"Oh.Well, that was just rude."


Sunshinemeg said…
Kelly is beautiful!
Jen~nae said…
Oh Jody! I'm sorry honey bun! Sweet lil Kelly! She will be ok though Jody, she couldn't have better parents! I know what you mean about that heart dropping feeling when you hear something is wrong with your loving pet.... It's not easy, but thankfully a heart murmur isn't the end. Just stay strong Jod. She was the ABSOLUTE CUTEST puppy EVER!!! OH MY GOSH!!! I'm so glad you decided to keep her. :) She is a GREAT dog!!! I love you Jody True! Stay strong!
I feel the same way! She's so cute! I'm so over protective of Tyke, I can't even fathom what a kid will be like!
Lindsey said…
Ahhh she is presh!!! You are making my dog fever worse!;)
Anonymous said…
oh iam sorry to hear that about kelly:( she is such an awesome dog and she adores u,,,i wish the best for her and tell her i said hi and i miss her:) luv u,, tami
Kelly is a precious gift! Cute,Sweet, and Loving! I am sorry that she has that condition. But she could not have a better parent to take care of her.
And yes yes you would be that mom....LOL
Miss Anne said…
Kelly is the sweetest, most kindest animal.... I know you love her dearly. No doubt she's in the best hands. Also, when the time is right you'll have a little bundle of joy in your presence :)

Tracy-Girl said…
Oh no... poor guy. My last weenie dog had that same condition her entire life, and she lived almost 15 years! I feel the same way about animals, they are the best thing in the world. I think I would be the same way with my kids... it just means you care :)
The Pink Chick said…
What a cutie! That little face! I am so sorry your fur baby has a heart murmur! I will be sure to say a special prayer for your sweet doggie! Thinking of you!
I'm sorry to hear about Kelly but I agree with Jen--Kelly has great parents taking care of her. I understand how you feel--when I first found out my boys were aids positive--my heart sank. I now spend more time with them as I possibly can. If you need someone to talk to, I'm just an email away--okay.
Jen~nae said…
YOU WILL BE THE BEST MOM!!!! I would SOOOO love to be yours and Daren's kid! Truthfully! So much fun!!!!! hehe oh man, your guy's child will be SOOO embarrassed all the time! In a good way of course! :)
Example: Jody walking down the street with a life-jacket on while it's raining in Arkansas. :) Gotta love her!! hehe

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