.10.11.09.."Calling All Bloggers!"

I guess maybe this is a bad picture...too small.
But I wanted to share with you my blogging station and to ask you super-duper creative bloggers out there...

"With all your followers...{I see some in the hundreds!!}
How do you keep up on all the posts of your followers and do you comment on each one?
How do you do it?!!!
I really would love to know!"

I get up and comment as much as I can in the am., on my lunch hour, and then when I get home.
I love checking to see how everyone is doing and who is doing what. I love it!!
But I find myself so addicted to this?!
Am I the only one who is so in love with this?
I think of everyone as my friend,
and I love to keep up on everyone :)


I so know how you feel!! I try my best to comment but on Mondays and Tuesdays just is just not enough time in the day! I pretty much keep my reader up 24/7 and it is still not enough. if you find the golden rule, will you please pass it along to me? haha! Hope your having a great weekend! = )
Beth Dunn said…
It is a bit addictive! I have to just walk away/shut the computer off some times. I really only communicate with commenters. Only once in a while to I have time to visit all of my follwers--and it takes me a few days to get to all of them xoxo

Her Preppiness said…
I try to comment a few days a week and sometimes I do every other blog on my reader on alternate days so that I can get everyone in at least once a week.
Her Preppiness said…
I try to comment a few days a week and sometimes I do every other blog on my reader on alternate days so that I can get everyone in at least once a week.
Crystal Rae said…
I'm in the same boat. Lately it's been hard for me to even get to other blogs, or even post on my own. There are lots of things going this year, good and bad. :)

We went to Bass Pro Shop at Great Lakes Crossing Mall in MI. You might want to check on line to see if they have them in all Bass Pro Shop stores.
Shay said…
Addictive, I agree!
I comment when I can, I don't like feeling like I HAVE to leave all of my follower's comment's on every post they make...like I dont want people I follow to feel that way either! I DO however enjoy commenting when I can and catching up like you!!! =-)
Awesome station btw!
Jillian, Inc said…
I comment very often on nearly all blogs I read (and I keep up with them on google reader) but I do not regularly read all the blogs that follow me. If I notice a new commentor, I do visit the blog and leave a thank you and a comment about their recent posts.
Google Reader became my best friend after a couple months since there were so many blogs to follow!! I get overwhelmed, but really try my best to follow all the blogs that constantly comment on mine and always click on the new followers that join my blog and add them to my Google Reader. My list is getting almost unmanageable though!! Let me know what you find to work for you!!
Ian & Jess said…
Yeah, I agree with everyone else. There is no easy way except spend a chunk of time on the internet almost daily. It is hard to find a balance.
I've made it a point that I don't post a new blog entry until I have caught up on all the comments on my previous post. I don't always stick to this rule, but I try. It has helped me keep up with everyone!
Ahh I love your internet cafe!! SO COZY! I know the feeling, it's so hard to comment on everyone's post every time, and I especially never want someone to post on mine and NEVER hear from me. I would just do the best you can but don't stress over it. It's supposed to be a fun, little side hobby, not something that takes time away from the hubster and kiddos. Your comments ALWAYS make my day - so I know you make other people's days too! If I can ever return that favor, it's the least I can do!
I get on in the morning and comment back to people who have commented on my blog first and foremost. Then, throughout the day (if I have time) I'll check a few other. But, there's no way I could keep up with everyone all the time.
Llama said…
I too find it tough to keep up with...sometimes ill spend three hours reading and commenting...but its too much to do all of the time...i def. spend extra time with those who spend extra time with mine...i feel like ive meet some really great people and do my best to show them i love their blogs by commenting as much as i can!
I keep them in order on my blog from most recent posts and that helps me to keep up to date...i usually try to do it day by day ....
Jocelyn said…
It is a hard job but someone has to do it:-) HA! I usually surf around for about an hour...it is my downtime...and just comment when the urge hits me. I spend more time with those that follow me but not always.

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