.10.7.09.."Yee-Haw! Boot Scooters!"

So after our "Po-Tate-toe Gun" edition of pure fun...the Mr. and I didn't want to hang up our party hats, so we headed out country dancing!

Before we left I wanted to get pics of us so I can.....um...blog about it? Good idea!
We tried to get some cool shots but it went on and on and on.....til we just settled for these..

So we get there(just us two) and pretty cool looking place! It has a live band with the front of #2 ,18 wheelers- looks like it's coming out at ya ,through the stage.Pretty cool.
The band was ExCelLenT!!!

Okay, the crowd.wow.
No words.
I (we) had more fun watching people then dancing.
We saw:
**A pregnant Lady! smoking.drinking.at a bar?
(The Mr. said she was looking for the father of her child...I died laughing)
Yes, sorry I was judging.But that is just tacky and there was everything wrong with that picture!
Here we are dieing to get pregnant, and these people get blessed????
**A couple dirty dancing to country music...huh?????How??? I know!
**A 65ish old woman... out there shaking it with....yes, ladies.a tube top.um.....no. I don't want her baking me cookies.
**They line danced to Rap music? Huh?

All in all, we had fun dancing.
We will return!! Ha!! Ha!!


too funny girl! Hate so say it, but that sounds like something you might find in my town! Sound like y'all had a blast!
Beth Dunn said…
Sounds so fun!!!! xoxo

Jen~nae said…
Oh my gosh! That is quite a picture! I can totally see you two in the midst of the crowd gossiping! lol A pregnant lady drinking and smoking?? That is just awful... :( :( You two are just great at looking for fun stuff to do! I'm so happy you guys are having such a good time!!!
Lindsey said…
So fun!!! Love it!
Wow sounds like you had fun people watching.....lol
Tracy-Girl said…
I do the same thing... I have to take pictures for my blog!! :) These are adorable, you two are so fun!
Aw...I LOVE to go dancing. The hubs and I haven't been since July! It seems like we're too busy (I hate that!). You always see "classy characters" out at a country western bar. It's like that song that says something like, "She was rockin' the beer gut..." *lol*
Ashley Pizarro said…
HOW FUN ARE YOU GUYS!!! Oh my gosh..I love country dancing and I am always amazed at the crowd I see when we go out! yikes! :) Love your pics...Im glad Im not the only one that takes pics just for my blog!
sounds like this place we went to all the time in college. so fun, but the people!! they really are quite the crowd!
Sunshinemeg said…
There is something for you over at Sunshinemeg today = )
Miss Anne said…


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