10.17.09."Soon. Twilight Friends"

Is anyone else getting excited!?
Seems like, it's taking F-O-R-E-V-E-R!!


Shay said…
I LOVE LOVE LOVE the books, but the Twilight movie was a HUGE disappointment to me, I mean..HUGE. I didn't even watch the entire thing it was so bad. I will be waiting for New Moon to be available for rent before we watch it.
Ian & Jess said…
Uhhh YES!!!! I am dying for them to come out with this movie. By the time they have a break dawn movie come out I will be 100 years old.
LOL you laughed at me so hard when i was hooked on the books....lol
Now you know.
I can't wait til it comes out!!
Anonymous said…
Why is it taking soooo long?!?! Can not wait!

I'm getting hitched November 14th = ) Now that is coming fast! Yikes.
Yeah, something happened last night when I was messing around with the HTML....well actually I wasn't messing with it, I was using the automated "split" page format (I guess that is what you call it)

So anyway, I was editing a post (not using HTML) and then when I posted it and subsequently checked the blog to see if it worked....my blog was all screwy and I can't figure out what happened!

I am a technological ignoramus!
And I still haven't figured out how to send private messages....among many many other things....
Trish said…
Just dropped by to say hello from SSM's blog!

Love your layout. It is too cute!!

I love animals and horses also(since I grew up in KY!!!)...how can you grow up in Kentucky and not love horses...anyway!

My husband was in the Army for 6 years so I know how hard it can be.

Drop by and say hello!!!
gigiofca said…
Yah, 11/20 is not soon enough!

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