10.12.09.." Stop scaring Me!"

Okay, for those of you who don't put your outgoing mail in your mailbox and put up your lil flag...will appreciate that I take my mail to the post office and drop it off.

However, It's always EARLY in the morning and no one is in the post office yet...
But every time I go in, this guy scares me!!!!
He's just a cardboard cut out but he's always smiling and I jump every time! I know he's there and I can't fool my mind...I'm thinking of my day and concentrating on not dropping my keys down the mail shoot...alot to consider here.
So, this one day last week. I jump like clock work and then I actually started talking to him this time!

Me:" Dude, you scare me every time. I know your there. But why do I let you do this to me?You freakin' me out!!"

****yip.it's the story of my life...a LADY (must of been a postal worker, I didn't stick around to find out!) caught my eye and loooooked at me.
I just put my head down. ran out. got to my Jeep and died laughing!!!
Who needs friends to make you laugh ,when you can make fun of yourself?
This is a daily occurrence for me.


Carol said…
That would totally scare me too!
I can't believe you were able to capture his picture -- hilarious!! Sounds like something I would do :)
Ian & Jess said…
What is this about not putting mail in your mailbox? It is so convenient.
Brown Girl said…
Ha ha, that's so funny. When I first looked I was like why is that creep staring at you and then I read the post and realized he's just a cut out, haha!!
Tracy-Girl said…
this is SO funny! haha! turn him around :)
Lindsey said…
Hahaha so funny!
Jen~nae said…
AHHAAHAHAHAAHAH!!!! You are the most hilarious person EVER!! That just made my day by far! You know how to make the most normal thing absolutely hilarious! I just love ya Jody True!
You are such a nut!!!

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