.8.2.09.." And the award goes to...."

The wonderful Miss Tracy-Girl over at "Then I Got To Thinking..." gave me this wonderful blog award/ Tagged me...{*Thank You Sweetie!*}

To receive this award I must tell 10 honest things about me...seriously? I have told almost everything there is tell about me...
and then I must pass this on to 10 of my blogger buddies.

Okay. Here goes...

1} I can't stand foul smelling things/people/animals. It sends me into a frenzy! I get sooooo mad if someone flat out.stinks.that's just not right.

2} My husband ropes the moon. He is the kindest man I know.

3} Even though I miss my family and friends, something terribly...I love my new life/home.

4} I love routines.I have my morning routine, if it gets out of quack...I'm just crazy for the day..

5} *HATE* backstabbing people. They need to just go to another planet. Fine.with.me.

6} Fake people. Kinda goes with #5, huh? If I don't like you. I won't hang out witcha ya!

7} I have a very short temper and patience for stupid people. Kinda like stinky people. They send me into a frenzy...I just don't get it..

8} I believe I have major OCD in my older life here...I have things in certain spots and expect them to be in that SAME spot when I go for it again...I guess, that is more for work and not really for my home life... My hubby is pretty orderly and tidy himself. Phew!

9} Take me as I am...I'm extremely HONEST. So honest that it can be mistaken for rude. But if you know me, I don't come right out and just blah, blah, blah! If you ASK me...well, be prepared.

10} I have my own beliefs and opinions. A lot is from experience and what I've been through. I don't like people who talk out of their A**, when they don't know a thing about the subject!! I won't ask you to change. So therefor, don't ask me.


So I pass this award to my fellow bloggy buds!

Tales of A short Southern Mama

Indefinite Definite

The blog Booth

Pretty In Pink

Create a Life You'll Love

Embrace the everyday


The Gold Star is in

Southern Pathways

Pink-ture perfect

Enjoy Friends! and now pass this award on ! :)


Anonymous said…
awwww!!(i am totally blushing right now)Thanks so much!
Ashley Pizarro said…
How exciting! Thanks for sharing this with us! And thanks for tagging me! Now I have something to blog about today!
Meg said…
Thanks, Miss Jody! ;)
Lyr said…
Congrats!!! Awards are Great!! I love your honesty! People being fake are the worst… especially on their blogs. I just don’t get is sometimes… Seriously, be who you are, what are they trying to cover up?! Ya know? Congrats again!!
Your list of ten is fantastic!
This is why we (us who are close to you) Love you and adore you! You are who you are and we get that up front.
That is part of the JODY charm!!!
Anonymous said…
Yay, thank you for tagging me!! You are so sweet. Off to make my list.
Miss Anne said…
thanks for the sweet award peanut! :)

xoxo miss your face
Katie said…
I am definitely not a routine type of girl...haha...my husband on the other hand (brother to Lyryn...who commented above) is all about routines. I always joke that I dont even shower the same way twice. ha...


Miss-happypants said…
Your list is very fitting. You are very honest and I love that about you. I never have to ask if something looks stupid...you'll tell me. lol. Well...as I would you, haha.

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