.7.8.09.."Yay-er! Feels good to be back!"

It feels great to be back! Alot has gone on since we've been gone...here are a couple photos to catch you up...
This is the "Bug Man". The Mr. called him the VERY NEXT morning after we arrived the prev. night! You all know how he's a FAN of spiders... The "Bug Man" pulled in and The Mr. greeted him like a long lost friend! He was in shock when we pulled out our cameras laughing and taking pics!

This is a dime compared to a DEAD cockroach we found!! EEEEKKKKKK!!!!
Sorry for the sideways stuff..... however the Mr. followed this man ALL around the outside of the house..pointing.." UGH! Did you get that area? What about that? Oh my gosh..look at that spider web!"
Look at the flippin size of this bug!!!! Compared to the size of his fingers! Yuk!!

Ahhhhh...the first meeting..he really thought we were strange! But he got to know us and actually took extra time with the Mr. and sprayed xtra! Lol!!

Overall, we love it here and can't wait to settle more in. Mr. and Mrs. Nettie {lol} have been wonderful! Miss Leanne and Mr. Timmy are the best kids! Very sweet, I love to the way the family get along. Makes me miss my family even more. I respect and love the connection they have. Being here, and hanging out with "The Fam" has made it easier to deal missing our families and our friends back home.
The weather isn't as bad as everyone was telling us! I was waiting for HOT weather and I'm all....that's it? This is it?...I love hot weather! I've been told it will get worse...but I enjoy it so far..maybe when I have to wear socks and shoes I'll hate it...if my feet are covered..I'm MISERABLE!!!!! Hate it in hot weather! Booo!!!
But I'll try to get to my blogging buddies blog and comment away!!
Feels good to be back!
Stay tuned for:
Update pics of the house! yip. the scrapbook room is already done... :)


Oh. my. gosh.

I cannot believe you just posted a big ol' picture of a roach!!!!!! ahhhhh!!!!!!!!!! :)

Girl you are brave to have that on your hard drive! Gives me chills just thinking about!! ;p
Brown Girl said…
OH no no no. I do not do bugs. Yuck! Glad you got all settled in! ;)
Jillian, Inc said…
Holy crap those are some big bugs! I'd be taking pics with the Bug Man, too....he's a super hero coming to your rescue!
Stop complaining about the bugs and be thankful the property has been sprayed and that you're actually there. I'm sorry to sound like a mom, but really!! Anyway, I'm glad you and the family made it there alright.
Meg said…
ugh, we had the same problem when we moved into our current home. :P I hate spiders and all things that crawl with a passion. ::shudder:: ugh!

Glad ya'll made it safely though...and don't worry, you'll see what we Southerner's mean when you haven't seen the real heat yet. ;)
Ewwww bugs! They grow them big over there! lol I bet D was totally loving that.
I am glad you are loving it there.
Miss ya millions
Miss-happypants said…
Okay girly. I want to see photos of your place all done up. With stuff on the walls and a big smile from you and Daren. Miss you guys!

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