.7.9.09.."Our new life.."

The most wonderful husband, man, friend, buddy, girlfriend ( yes, he's a lil' gossip-er! Don't let this face fool ya! ha! ha!) in the world! He's settled in himself and loving it here! We both wake up with a huge smile every morning...after our "Check for spider-bites-body check" in the mornings..we are good... I don't CARE who YOU are! Spiders and GY-NORMOUS BUGS are not cool. Very CReEpY!! The size of these bugs will send Rambo up on a stool screaming like a school girl{.**Oh yeah, I'm not complaining about the bugs here...It's sharing/commenting/explaining the way of life here..*}
However, still not all the way un-packed.but close.
Here are some pics of our new surroundings...

Boats.Boats.And more boats.You see them at night in the water, early in the morning. During the weekday..it's wonderful! How relaxing....sigh.......even though I can't swim and scared of water, we would like a boat still. I just told my Mr. that I'd have a life jacket around every limb of my body. Our dog would have a life jacket also! :)

We ate at this wonderful Mexican restaurant "Jose's" and it was sooooo good! :) I love the bar stools! Yes, I was looked at weird when I took this pic...I'm use to it.

Beautiful painting, huh? This is at the entrance of the "Oaklawn Racetrack". I just drooled and had to get pics...I love horses!! :) Even though TB's intimidate me...toooooooo big and massive.

I wish I could ride like that! Ride like the wind! :)
So pretty :)

Me :) being silly, as usual.

See! More boats! Oh how I love it here! We cross over these bridges to get to our house every day...:)

This pic doesn't do justice how pretty it is. It's hot, but not as bad (so far) as I've been warned. I'll let you know how bad it gets! :) Stay tuned!


Lindsey said…
Aw you are so cute! Great pics!!
Meg said…
AR is so beautiful! I've never been to Oaklawn...well, okay, once..but only because we missed our turn and had to turn around and we decided to turn into a parking lot at that stop light... we didn't realize that turning left there took us into Oaklawn. Ha! ;)
Pretty. Love the horses stuff.
I would be the first to be jumping on a stool to get away from the bugs. I would be pushing people out of the way to get away.
I Miss You Both. I cant wait to see the scrap room.!!!!
The pictures are great!! I'm glad you're settling in!! Feel free to be as silly as often as you can.
Mickster (DAD) said…
I hope you don't fall off that little bridge on your way to the house when its storming. Do you wear you life jacket on you way to the house??
Miss-happypants said…
Love the stools. The saddles were the stools right? That's cool. It might be hard to eat over your plate though. The little handle thingy would be sticking in your stomach!
Miss Anne said…
Im so glad you guys are there, settling in and that you're out exploring and such!

No doubt you'll be a "local" before you know it!

I hope we get to catch up soon... it's been a lot of phone tag lately!

I'll be sending a super suprise package soon too!
Jen~nae said…
Oh man Jody True!!! Great great pics! That place is GORGEOUS!!!!!!! I'm SOOO glad you guys are enjoying it!

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