7.28.09.." I'm all set!!"

* 2ND day @ new job....
* flash flood warnings all over...
...all week long, that is.
Never Fear! I have my Lady Bug Umbrella! Yay!!
I'm good to go! :)
My sweet Lil' sister, got this umbrella for me years ago...still love it :)
Have a great day ma' Ladies!!


Meg said…
Ahh, I'm loving the umbrella! And that most definitely sounds like Arkansas weather! ;)
Awe you look so cute!!

Love the umbrella!!! :)
Anonymous said…
The umbrella cracks me up! I've seen a frog one like that too and I loved it.
Cute as a button like always! Have a great second day!!!
Miss Anne said…
Thanks for the smile this morning.. I needed it!

Love and miss you! Can't wait to hear all about how the new job is going.

Ashley Pizarro said…
hahah super cute! In college our sorority animal was the ladybug!! I'm tellin' ya I had no idea how much ladybug stuff there was out there! I knew I should've gotten then umbrella! It looks too cute!
Miss-happypants said…
lol...so cute! It was a 110 degrees here today and it's raining there? I think we traded weather!!!
Love the umbrella--it suits you. I hope the job is working out for you. Don't let the tornadoes discourage you--if you think they are bad, try earthquakes. Oh well, enjoy the rest of your week-and I mean that-enjoy it.
Anonymous said…
I love the umbrella!! We're getting flash flood warnings this afternoon. Isn't summer weather lovely?
Lyryn said…
You are kidding me!!! I want one!!!! That has got to be the best umbrella I have ever seen! Glad to hear work is going well!! :)

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