>6.4.09.." Random-ness"

First thing first.................
**My sweet father-in-law is feeling better! Yay! Thank you for countless support and blessings!
He's not home yet. But soon {fingers crossed! :)}
In the next few weeks ,I may be in and out..lil' out of touch!
As well, well. Maybe I didn't really explain about what is going on with us!
We are moving to Arkansas. The Mr. got a different job/position in the same company. He's sooo excited and wants to just get there and get going!
He starts back at work (in Ar,. ) on July 6th.
I'm so happy for him and proud!
I really don't care where we go in life. Just as long as we go together.
He's my best friend! I just love him!
So we have alot going on in the next few weeks!
Toodles for now!


Miss Anne said…
so glad to here that FIL is doing so much better!

i'm looking forward to seeing you sunday and spending some time together!

Glad to hear your father in law is doing better! :)
annette said…
I'm glad he's doing better.. I can't wait to get you here!!!!! We are looking at a place for you this weekend. Hugs!
Miss-happypants said…
I'm so happy he is feeling better!!! He's lucky to have you guys. Everyone took turns taking care of him and showing their love.

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