.6.3.09.." Thank You! He's doing better! :)"

Well, I don't want to jump to conclusions...

We thought leaving him late Monday..he was doing better also.

But by the time we left yesterday{tues}, he was transferred to another floor with more wide open spaces...{yea, why do they in ICU have the px in closed, dungeon-like rooms, with NO light and all dark?}

But the doctor chalked up the behavior as like a "Confinement to ICU" of some sort? If there is a flippin' name for it...then change it!? Sounds reasonable..

Before he was transferred he was getting agitated again...then a different person once he went to a different floor. Then he could see ALL the family.

But we left on good terms and he ate a lil', and color coming back, but he's still on the road to recovery...just not a dangerous road. Do not detour Dad! Keep going..

Mom is doing good and she's in better spirits. She hasn't left Dad's side for one second. Bless her heart.
The family has been wonderful. Amazing how everyone pulls together at times like these. Family is so important.
Thank you for all your prayers! I let the Mr. know each and every one too! :)


I am glad to here he is out of ICU. That is a step in the right direction!!
I hope he is well on his way to recovery.
I am up for Bingo...Let me check with Nic and call ya later. K?
annette said…
I am so sorry I haven't been online... so I did not know that not only I missed your birthday.. Happy Belated! But I also didn't know you were all going through such a tough time. Please know..we are thinking of you and your all in our prayers. My goodness... when it rains it pours.. huh? I sure miss you... I'll keep watch here for more news. hugs sweetie
Miss Anne said…
Yay! Praise God!


Continued prayers for healing and happiness!
Glad he is doing better!! =)
Crystal Rae said…
I'll be praying for your dad as well. :)
Anonymous said…
Yay Jody! I'm glad to hear he's doing better! :) I hope he makes his way to a full recovery! :)
yours truly... said…
Your family is in my prayers sweet lady. thanks for the updates...keep your spirits up!
annette said…
still thinkin of you sweetie. xoox

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