.5.19.09.."Wish you were here..."

This is our view from our room..except for. i hear a flippin' dog barking.The lil' dude has stopped for the moment.But don't let him fool ya! He'll start up again! I've been wishing all morning..he'd shut up.
But the Mr. has already gone to work...yes, this is work for him and play for me!
But the heat isn't nothing..so far what people have told me...I *LOVE* it! so far...
Today I'll putz around and look @ housing and just the community.
I know tonight we are heading out to another big dinner! ugh! The food is amazing! I can't believe how much is given to ya! I can't eat like this...got my camera.check! phone.check! Rolaids with gas relief.Check! Check!


Miss Anne said…
oh sweet pea, i'm so glad you're having fun!

it's beautiful country indeed!

miss and love you!
*~! megs !~* said…
Pretty!! But the barking dog would drive me mad!!
Anonymous said…
MAN!! That is a GORGEOUS view!!! GORGEOUS!!! Holy cow!! the barking dog does suck though....just when you thought you got away from it all...hehe you get to hear barking even when you arent at work!! yay! lol And I'm very impressed that you were able to hold that stuffed animal snake!!! :) for how scared you are of them I never would dream you'd even do that! hehe I will never forget that scream you did by the way! :) Anyway I hope you keep having fun Jody True Who and I hope Daren's work is going well!!!
Miss-happypants said…
Looks like a wonderful place...love the view. I'd love to get some jet skis out there or a boat and go tubing!!! I would love to live that close to a lake! Enjoy every momment Jo, you deserve it!!!

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