My husband's coming home!!

For those who don't know husband is currently on his first tour in Iraq. He's been there since October 2007. I have seen him once in May of 2008. He made sure to make it home for his only visit, for our wedding Anniversary.

So Today He made it to Kuwait! Where he will be awaiting a flight out to come home for good!! I tell you, this has been tough...being apart from my best friend.

He is one of the funniest people I know! He can and will literally make you blow milk out your nose..if you give him the opportunity!!

So my husband, friend, soul mate, and favorite person to gossip with is on his way home! Hoo-ha!


Miss Anne said…
oh my goodness yay!

i know how excited you are, and i can't wait to meet him! i feel like i already know him, ya know?



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