Captain { My Budders}

This is Captain...this post may not be as chipper as the rest ,but it's a story I must get out....

I met Captain in 1997..May to be exact..My sister and I rescued horses and would ADOPT them back out. NOT sell them, but find good homes for them..this particular horse "Captain" was severely abused and neglected..LIVED in a stall, six year Quarter horse stud. Not he was attacked and had knife marks on his face, and human bite marks..on his face...

So we get him in our care and have him gelded immediately..My job was to exercise him twice a day for a week for 45 minutes....let the lessons begin! He was mean! At the time, I had no friggin' idea about training..our neighbors at the time followed John Lyons and I listened to them, they gave me pointers and the next thing...I'm riding him...falling in love with this horse. He and I bonded ...and soon we rode daily. I was like a little school girl again...running to Philomath ( i currently lived in Albany at that time, too) to ride every night! My sister gave him to me and we had the best summer! I taught him to go through water...he taught me about trust and he took care of me on the trail. I never had to go beyond asking twice with him...he'd figure it out.

So the dreadful day came that he went to someone else {differ story...}. I was too shy to speak up for myself....(another story) I would go and watch him from afar, where he was went daily for a while, to weekly, then monthly stops. Always checking on him and making sure he was being taking care of.

Ten years have passed and always thinking of him and even talking about him when I met my husband in 2003....then 1 day in November 2006 I get a call. The lady who has had him this whole time...wanting me to take him! I freaked! Told her, to hold him for me and I would find a way to get him! (had to set up a spot for him..just rescued another horse!..) she said the offer was for that moment only!!! I had no way of making room for him in just a couple hours!! He was gone again.....several months later..February 1st 2007, I was at work and the lady's mom came in to the clinic where I work and talked about "Captain" and whose home he went to!! UGH!!!

I listened the name and headed to her stables right after work! I called my husband..he was currently at Drill in Vancouver..he told me "you better get that horse!!"

I told him " I am!!"

I walked into the stables...10 years have passed since I haven't seen my handsome boy! It was a scene from the movie "Black Beauty".. I walked down the alle way and saw the owner of the stables and she was shocked to me, without my boss (he's the famous vet in the valley) I asked her " you have a horse that was given to you and he used to be mine. I want him back.." She said "okay, which one is he?" I walked down the alleyway looking for him and I said his name "Captain"..*Patty looked at me and told me that this was a horse I didn't want. He was given to her in bad shape, wormy, skinny, and lame. I told her I didn't care if he had one eye and 3 legs..

Then I saw him before she pointed him out. He looked so pitiful. So skinny.He wasn't proud anymore.He munched on his hay with his head hanging down.Didn't really care about what was going on around him. I walked over and petted him on top of his head..what I always did. I started crying.." I finally found you"

I gave her the horse I just got. (He was fresh off the track and had more vim N vinegar than I was used to! and I had more history with Captain ..) and took him home the next day. My husband fell in love with him just as much as I once did.

I got him the proper vet care, farrier, and plenty of good groceries!! He's not going anywhere..he's home!


Miss Anne said…
I know how much he meant to you... his spirit will FOREVER be with you and he is running and frolicking pain free in Heaven.

i have faith.

Anonymous said…
Oh My Jody! This story makes me cry everytime. I remember that day you got were so very very happy.
I even remember you talking about him before you got him back.
He is still with you....

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