Good bye My Budders

In August 2008. Captain Colicked.I hooked him up to IV fluids at my house and LIVED in his stall with him. Capped off his IV cath. and trailered him daily to and from work. With no sleep, for 8 days. I would literally run in the house to use the bathroom and my camping gear was in the barn with me..I slept next to him in his stall. If he would move I could feel him at least. He became to weak to trailer. He had to stay at the clinic. It made "checking" on him a little harder. I would make several trips in the middle of the night back and forth to and from the clinic..making sure he was "Okay".......he took a turn for the worse and foundered from all the medication. He went down and hasn't eaten since the day he colicked. He was so painful and sad. At this point I was keeping him going for my own selfish reasons. I learned this: when a horse ( or any animal) can't do, what they enjoy doing,'s time to say good-bye. I said good-bye Sept. 12, 2008. I miss you My budders. You'll be forever missed and never replaced.


Miss Anne said…
I remember how much you gave those last days. I know he knew you were there, and felt your desire to comfort and care for him.

Remember, he'll always be with you.

I'm proud of how strong you are.

You're an amazing friend.
Anonymous said…
Just remember you did EVERY THING you could do. You were so loving and wonderful to him....He never had a better owner!!!
You are so strong and caring. Not many could have done what you did for him.
Love ya chick,

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