Saturday, February 19, 2011

"Sudden Changes"

Hard to believe that
this what it looked like,
looking out
our front door
Just last Week!!!
Did I mention
Last Week?

Last Week!
Snow shut this town down!
I was awfully-horribly sick the whole time.
My work shut down for 2 days.
I took advantage of it and tried to get well.

As a result of being so sick I lost my voice for 4 days.
The Mr. LOVED it!

So this wonderful day,
{yes, TODAY!
Right now...}
I get a chance to do this..
Open our patio doors and let the fresh air in..
Awwwww....I love
the feel of the warm sunshine..
and the smell of the air...
{no hatin'. It's 76 degrees out..:) }

The Mr. found a leaf in the pool.
So, the whole thing got a
Once Over.
In Our lil town.

On beautiful mornings,
this is where I sit and this is my view.
The sun is warm on your face and just a nice
welcome to the Day ahead.
I love it.
I sit here, sip on my tea, and just
think ...

He's so funny.
He's a fanatic about this pool.
Which, I really appreciate he is.
Because you'll never see me cleaning this thing!
I would fall in.
I can't swim as it is...
I can float on devices and that's it.

Bless his Heart. :)

Handsome Man :)

Even our pets are enjoying the beautiful weather!

Okay, this is our therm. for the pool.
{isn't he cute? with his lil' sunglasses!??
I freaked when I saw him! sorry..he's a lil dirty}
But I dip my toes in the pool,
Still too cold for us!

This is our Mr. frog-dude who keeps the pool
He hangs out with the cool duck.

And my beautiful
Valentine's Day
flowers that the Mr.
sent to my work :)
Love him so. :)

That's all for now!
Have a beautiful day :)


Kelsey @ Seattle Smith's said...

Ahh, I would LOVE all that sun right now!!

Christyrenee said...

That stinks that you were sick, but at least it was during a snowstorm! I love your house!!! It's so bright and pretty. I bet you're looking forward to some pool time! And very pretty flowers also ;)

Jen~nae said...

Jody! What a beautiful life you live! I am absolutely in love with your house and your pool!!! GAH!!! With the lil ducky and froggy!!!! So cute!!!! I am SOOOO happy for you and Daren! Miss you guys a lot and cant wait to be seeing you soon!!!

Miss-happypants said...

Wow...those are some crazy weather changes. You're house is so beautiful. You guys take immaculant care of everything! That's awesome! It's so not in me.