"Product Reviews or just Reviews"

Okay, I just had to first point out
these awesome tats!
if I had legs like these,
I'd have tats like this!
Love this!
Very cute!!

However, got my Elliptical by mail!
{no sales tax & no shipping}
It has the Jillian Michael's
ifit sd card thing..
Loving it!
She takes you through the levels that are
needed to achieve your goals...
{losing weight}
Her voice alone (love her voice)
makes you push harder!
Great machine!

This is
i have had this lil
beauty since
Just routine washing with your hands isn't enough!
The Clairasonic draws out the make-up
and helps with fine lines and wrinkles
all at the same time!
Love this.
And the great thing?
When the Mr. ordered it for me..
He had engraved on it:
"True Beauty"
I love him so.

Have a great Day!


Miss-happypants said…
Nice! I paid a guy $50 to fix the one you guys gave me. Now I just have to get off my butt and use it!
Miss-happypants said…
Ohhh and nooooo on those tattoos! :)

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