"Paper Dreams..."

Whenever I mention any type of
I get this squished-face-look from people...
They look at me like:
I have a life threatening disease and I'm "felt sorry for" beyond belief...
I think they have visioned:
Ladies with scissors, 
 cutting out family pics and gluing them on a page.
{well...kinda sorta correct...}
Do I have a surprise for you!
Look at these beautiful dresses made out of..
Yes! Paper!
Scrapbookers are the BOMB-Diggity!
The ideas, creativity, and the imagination are

I love paper as much as the next scrapbooker.
I love paper so much,
that sometimes I don't have the heart to cut it up!
I look at it and think:
"Oh it's soooo beautiful.
I'll save it for something special..."

the detail is...
I'm looking at all the
beautiful punches that were used
and getting crazy ideas looking at these!

These pics were taken at a scrapbook convention recently.
It's from a girls' blog that I follow...
Aren't these amazing!?

Have a wonderful day :)


Jocelyn said…
Wow!!! Those are amazing! Totally can't believe that they are all paper! I feel the same way about paper..too pretty to cut up, I will save it for another more important page or project:-)
Jen~nae said…
Holy cow!!! Those are AMAZING!!!! You could totally pull that off Jod!!

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