"I'm A Party Crasher"

So these* beautiful *Ladies...
Miss *Cindy, Miss *Sheila, Miss *Brenda, and Miss *Vicky...
All had a great weekend!
Miss Brenda invited me up {I crashed thier party!}
 to come see where they were at,
 and see the beautiful Cabin they had from Thursday to SUNDAY!
Yea- I know...It was beautiful there**
All they did was scrap and have a great weekend}}
OH! Don't forget The Wine! ;)
I met Miss Brenda here about October-November in Hobby Lobby.
I had no idea who she was...I just walked up to her and just started talking. We hit if off...
{phew! she didn't call security on me}
Exchanged phone numbers/e-mails and have been friends ever since!
Talk about a doll-face..she is sooooo sweet and her personality is contagious..she's always laughing and full of Life :)
For Valentine's Day weekend. These Ladies headed to this cabin full of scrappin', laughter, food, good memories, and lots of creativity goin' on here!

I have to admit:
I was so envious of the view and the overall cute-ness of this adorable cabin :)
I can't wait to join these Creative Ladies in a Crop myself :)

So while I was out visiting these Ladies @ The Cabin...
My Busy-Lil-Scrapper-Mr.-Husband was creating a Card Himself!

I smiled and grinned ear-to-ear when I saw this!
He distressed the edges, free hand wet embossed, dry embossed with the "Sizzix Boutique" and used the rubberstamps!
I was so tickled, that him just watching me and looking at my projects that he knew how to use this products!
You GO MR.!!
I love him soooo much** This was from the heart :)
What a great Valentine's Day Card.

I hope you all had a great {{Love}} Day!


Awe I'm so glad you enjoyed yourself the cabin looks so cute...
Lindsey said…
That is so cute he created a card!! Sounds like a lovely weekend friend!
Those swimsuits are at Victorias Secret online I have the first one and Love it I'm thinking about getting the other ones..
Summer said…
Girly your hubby did good! How great he made a scrapbooking card for ya....So special and from the heart! I looove cards especially hand made ones....

Girl I loove scrapbooking too....I am getting a Cricut soon and am super excited about it! I am dingy though soooo you will probably read alot of mishaps on my bloggy blog LOL...

See like the pancake thing....I do things and then I go and blog about them....LOL....

You look sooo cute and those cabin pics look amazing....

Hope you had a happy v-day....
summer :0)
Amanda said…
that card is so sweet! and the cabin looks cozy. :D
Happy belated V-day to you!
Kimberly said…
That is so funny how you met in the store and hit it off! The cabin is adorable!! Looks like YOU had a great weekend!
elledee said…
that card is adorable! so cute
Trish said…
okay these ladies are jusy way too cute!

So mad I didn't get invited...{{pooh}}

I can't belive Mr. Crafty Pants made this card for you...wow!
Sounds like a nice weekend!
You look so cute!
Jen~nae said…
See! I TOLD you you would make more scrapbooking buddies soon enough! You're just a great person with an infectious great attitude! I'm glad you're finding people who share your love in scrapbooking!! Looks like you had a wonderful time!

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