"That ain't right"

So, I'm standing line at the Post office...
And then,
 I can smell it.
Bad Person's Breath.
I slowly turn my head with a AWFUL look on face.
Nose wrinkled.
I must look like scrooge, because my face normally isn't in this position unless it's BAD!
So, there's this very well dressed man standing right behind me.
Now, when I say right behind. He- could- have -just- jumped- in- my- purse-that -close-behind- me!
{Not, I-just-ate-breath.}
This must have been his Que to move ahead also.
So he did. The smell...just get me away from this smell..
I gave him the LOOK again.
The smell is awful!
Like fish,garbage,ashtray,toilet,outhouse,stinky-nasty-socks!,my dog's breath smells better
Nope. Can't think of one thing to compare it to. I have nothing.
His nasty breath instantly put me in a bad mood.
I was mad. That's just not right. How in the world do you not know these things? Your suppose to know yourself better than anyone? Am I right? Well, by gosh! Stick yer nose up to yer pit, and breath in your palm and smell it once in a while! Gosh! NO excuse!!! None!
I can't do bad smells.
{My husband was the best-smelling soilder in Iraq, I bet. He had every shower gel.Aftershave...you name it. When he told me they weren't allowed but 1 shower a week to conserve water, at one point...you'd think it was happening to me! I freaked! I sent him packages weekly...my Baby wasn't gonna smell..No Sir-ree!!}

Sorry if this post is cruel or mean.
But foul body odor is not

Have a great {smelling} day!


Trish said…
og girl your a hoot! We are so much alike on smells it is....CREEPY!!!!!

Were you by chance in line mailing my TOTALLY CUTE & AWESOME PRIZE??????(which by the way I got last night...see my post on it)

Thank U, THANK YOU, Thank you...so much for making it for me. You are just the sweetest!!!!!

{{hugs to ya}}
Oh my oh my....If I was in that situation I would have got some gum out of my purse and asked him if he wanted some if he said No thanks I would have said I wasn't offering it to you I was telling you (YOU NEED SOME GUM YOUR BREATH STINKS) lol...I'm so sorry you had to experience that...

There is NOTHING worse than bad breath...yuck! I used to work for an oral surgeon so 99% of our patients were there b/c they had 'rot' mouth (that's not a medical term..ha!) and they would knock me down with their breath. Awful!
Have a great day!!
Jen~nae said…
HAHAHAHAHAHAH You crack me up Jod! This made my day!!! And that is Just GROSE!!!! You should have offered him a piece of gum! lol You were always the best smelling person at work! Remember that one client that said his boxer didnt like people that wore purfume??? Crazy....
The Pink Chick said…
Bad breath is the worst! You should have thrown a package of gum at him! :)
You are too funny! Bad breath is a hard one when you're on the "receiving" end. *haha*
Miss-happypants said…
I agree with ya! I hate the stink! The WORST is stinky women who obviously haven't showered or cleaned their hooha in awhile! DISGUSING!!!

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