What's better than a skinny Latte on a Cold Morning??

 The Cricut +Vinyl= *Sheer Bliss*

I have been on a mission to decorate,
 and cover everything with Vinyl.
I know.
We have TV Trays....we.are.redneck.
But, they are sooooo handy! {I'm making excuses here}
Stop Jody. I'm getting off track here...

But Vinyl Rocks! I tried to peel all the stickers off my laptop,
 and put  my own lil' creations on instead :)
The good thing...you get tired of the design.
 It will peel off when your ready!
Ta! Da!
I have sooooo many other ideas that I even stay awake at night, and think of these things.
I . need. help.


Trish said…
what a niffty idea!!!! I would be sticking sticker on anything that would stand still!!!!

I just love the "Wall words" and have them in my hallway and half bath.

Neato skeeto!
Aw that's such a great idea! I love doing little projects like that..

Have a great day girl..

Jen~nae said…
Stay up late thinking about it?? hehe You're cute! This is definitely a hobby for you! :) You love it and it shows!! Your tv trays are CUTE!!! :) I didn't even know thats what those were until you said that! Cute laptop too of course!
Anonymous said…
Dont worry I bet there are AA meetings for that. But they are supper cute!
we have tv trays too... but we usually just hold the plates in our laps!! we need better manners!
Vanessa said…
I really wanted that for Christmas!! Such a great idea! Makes your laptop look pretty!
Jocelyn said…
haha! i love the owls on your laptop. way cute as always!
Miss-happypants said…
Trish would LOVE those! I should try my vinyl sometime. LOL

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