Always keep your loved ones notes...
I have kept every single note that the Mr. has written me.
Some, I keep in my wallet.
Some on the fridge.
Some in my Jeep.
Just keep them.
It makes you smile in your heart
and realize what you've been through
together :)
He still  has in his wallet:
the label from the beverage I drank-
the night we met.


Trish said…
that is so sweet!
You guys are just the cutest EVAH!

I am the same way too...I keep everything...I have all the cards, notes and letters Chris has given me.(I even have the tape that was in my answering machine the first time he left me a message when we were dating)....ahhh geez....I bet that is an antique by now...ya think?!?
Lindsey said…
Awwww! You two are precious!!
I agree I keep every letter,note that my hubby has given me he use to write me love letter when we were dating and I've kept all of them in my wallet I love pulling them out and reading them when I'm having a bad day.

Jenn said…
That is quite possibly the cutest thing ever. :)
Jen~nae said…
You two are so damn adorable! Everyone in the world strives to have what you two already have! :) I'm so happy you guys have each other! I miss you both terribly! The worlds perfect couple! :) :)
Jocelyn said…
too cute:-) hey i have emailed you a couple times...have you gotten them? just wondering.
I think that's so sweet and nice!
Anonymous said…
I LOVE this! I wish my guy left me love notes like this. You are one lucky gal...not like I have to tell you though. ☺
Stephanie said…
I am the same way. I am so sentimental - I throw nothing away! Love notes are my favorite!
Ashley Pizarro said…
You are guys are just so freakin' cute!!! I could eat yall up! I love hearing about how cute yall are though...keep it coming! :) Not gonna lie...I do keep the notes too! I just can't help myself.
RN Mama said…
That is so romantic, what a sweet husband you have!
Heather said…
That is so so sweet!! I love little letters from my hubby. It doesn't happen much, which I guess is why it means more! :)
Miss-happypants said…
Love it...it helps keep the romance in your relationship. Reminding yourself several times a day how loved you are. A perfect way to look at life.

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