"Love me some CLEARANCE stuff!"

Who could resist these?

I love Clearance stuff!
We headed to do some shopping at "Sam's Club"
{In some parts it's Costco-which is waaaaaay better than "Sam's"}
And here comes the Mr. with all these boxes..of stuff!
Full of candy,carmels,chocolates....
Of course I'm wondering what the??????

He says:
 "Baby! Look! only $2.91 each! I thought you might like the boxes for scrapbooking stuff. These are nice boxes!"
I laughed-he still knows how to make my heart flutter....aw...my little enabler.love him.
So we made a deal.
He hides all these boxes full of delish-bite size-heaven-morsels, and I get the boxes after he eats the contents.

He never hid them!
Talk about temptation! Awwww!!
They are on top of the fridge...
nope.can't reach those.
For people my size, you get
to know and have stools
all around the house....
He says I can't REACH them, 
so he considers that, "Hiding"...huh?

Only true-obsessed-crafters will look at something, and think of some way to use an item in some sort of crafting-way.

You can put stamps in these boxes,stamp pads, little trinkits,...the possabilities are endless! :)

Okay, these hit my weakness....
I love everything with candy cane flavoring
 {but I will not eat the candy canes straight}
These were only $3.91 for all this!
Yea-I know!

Candy Cane Roca!
I have not touched these delish goodies yet :)

I hope you had a wonderful "Clearance shopping-experience"  this weekend!


Blair said…
Oh my! Those choc covered graham crackers are ADDICTING! YUM!

Happy New Year!
Lindsey said…
What a steal!!
I'll help you eat them! BWAHAHA! ;-) I need to go clearance shopping...
Miss Anne said…

I love me some clearance too! I drug J out to go shopping with me on New Year's Day... needless to say we scored some sweet decorations at 75% off at Target for next year! :)

Those boxes are to die for, and I bet the treats were too!

Miss you sweet friend!

Jen~nae said…
HAHA! "Hides" them on top of the fridge cuz you cant reach them!!! hehe That made me laugh! That is so sweet of him to realize you'd want those for scrapbooking! You two are made for each other. Seriously....
Ummm hello your loving FRIEND in Oregon would just die to have some of that stuff!!! LOL
Kyla said…
Yum Yum Yum!!! LOVE CLEARANCE, haha!
I also like clearance shopping--it's great fun. In so far as hiding all the goodies on top of the fridge, you can use a step stool to get them. Since you didn't use one, I would like to compliment you on your sense of self control. Also, I have to agree with Daren, the boxes make great storage for just about anything, scrapbooking included. Have fun with them!!
Oh I need to hit up Sams club! Thats awesome! I meant to go this weekend--I hope mines not picked over yet.
Beth Dunn said…
Yes! Live for the clearance-bring it on. xoxo

Trish said…
wow lady! What awesom3 deals! Love the mugs...CUTE I SAY!

I got a few after xmas deals & Sam's but the best deals I came acroos was at Kirklands...I just get all kiddy when I go in that place...anyhow, I got the cutest Santa bowl w/ a knife spredder for $1.33....yeppo...that's right ...a whoppin $1.33!!!!!!

{{happy dance}}}}

I love thoe boxes too, and what a great idea to use them to store your craft stuff...way cool!
Miss-happypants said…
It was an odd year for my clearance shopping. Nothing hit me...nothing. I ended up buying some chrismas boxes...that's it. Can you believe it? Oh and some candy cane flavored hot chocolate for $1.75.

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