"Hoarder? or Smart Shopper?"

I watch the show "Hoarders" sometimes and it scares me.
Scares me b/c I sometimes think: 
Am I a hoarder?
How do you know?
Maybe I'm in denial?
No. I don't have a messy house.Garbage is not piled all over the floor...
I just stock up on sales...things that are my favorite but are a little expeni$ive...
{these Bath & Body Works Wallflowers-refills are only $5...save $7.50!!}
For those who know me...
I do NOT do stinky-nasty-unpleasant-odors!
I have every single smelly-good-thing-out there that has been invented!
The Mr. will go to great lengths to change the channel when a different type of smelly-good-thing device comes out on a commercial, that I do not own..
We have pets and you should NOT be able to smell them when you walk into our (or any) home!
Bad.Bad.Very bad.

Have a wonderful Smelling Day!


Anonymous said…
I am SO with ya girl! I love smell good things and if I find them on sale I stock up for sure. Hope your having a great weekend!
Jillian, Inc said…
ha! I cannot watch that show - just gives me the creeps. I already have OCD enough about cleaning, I'm afraid it would make me stay up all night scrubbing base boards. I need to try those wall flowers, though. My mom swears by them. Can you believe I've never been in a Bath and Body Works store?
Oh my gosh I do the same thing! I always stock up on bath and body works! Now its bad because I buy cute things I see for R for when she gets older...but my house is also super clean and organized so I think were just smart shoppers ;)
Hoarding is great! You always have the parts for a combine harvester should one break down outside your house...
Trish said…
nope..that is smart shopping my friend! I am a BIG sale and bargain shopper too...we would be soooooo dangerous together!! :O)

...and I love anything that smells great too (candles, wall plug in, perfume & lotions)...I can't stand stanky!!!!!
Anonymous said…
HAha, I love that you compared yourself to a hoarder. I like stuff that smells good and buy a lot if something I like is on sale. I think we are okay = )
Jen~nae said…
Definitely a hoarder!! HEHEH Just joking!!!! There is no way you're a hoarder! You just have a great knack for finding great deals! As long as you use them within 5 years than you're good! hehe :)
Mitzi G.!! said…
I feel the exact same way about our house; we have 2 dogs & you should NEVER be able to smell that they are there ever.....I have febreeze (pet odor) plug ins in every room & they get a bath every week!
Stephanie said…
Haha, that's funny :) Love your blog!

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