"Don't Let Him Fool Ya!"

{this camers rocks, huh?}
There are some things,
 some of ya don't know-
 about the Mr.

Not only, is he "The-Bomb-Diggity-Bomb" husband of all husbands out there-
But he's CRAFTY!
Yea I know!
Right up my alley!
He made these coasters a while back and I'm so proud of him.
He hand painted these, used the Cricut, and even used some of my stamps.
He went and got some laquer- type- stuff and poured over them  to make'em shine...the wood, was a tree branch out in our front yard.
Awwww.....a man after my own heart..still.
Have a wonderful Crafty Day!


**Nothing to do with this post, but I thought of you yesterday when I was at the vet and we were chasing my pup around to catch a urine sample. Ahhhhh so hard!
Jen~nae said…
MAN! He is good! Way to go Daren! Those are great!!!
Ashley Pizarro said…
Well look at him go!!!! :)
You two really are meant for each other. Both of you are great crafters. Keep up the good work.
Trish said…
well isn't he just Bob the builder!!!!

Don't ya just love a crafy man.{{wink, wink}}

My is very crafty with duck tape...does that count??????
Miss-happypants said…
That's cute! Good job Daren! They remind me of the necklaces we had to make at outdoor school in 6th grade. Did you guys go to outdoor school? Did you make those? They were necklaces though.

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