.10.3.09.."SAW 6"

Okay, The Mr. and I were watching TV last night.
Saw (no pun intended...) the previews for "SAW 6"!!!!!!!
Is anyone else excited?!!

I **{LoVe}** horror flicks!!
I love jumping up and down and leg kicking in the air..still seated..and actually get mad at the stupid person falling down all the time...remaining seated still...will cuss at the screen if the idiot makes a wrong decision!! UGH!!!!

It's like watching sports for other people.

Comes out Oct. 23, 09...SO Excited!

I usually see these "Saw" series with my friends back home... :(
They will be greatly missed and thought of .


I wish I liked horror flicks because my husband LOVES them! I am the biggest baby and scream all throughout ...
Tracy-Girl said…
I am a big baby when it comes to scary movies!! i can watch them but I have to cover my eyes over the really scary parts!!
Heather said…
oh my gosh, while I was reading your post the commercial for the trailer for this came on. I am officially freaked out now.
Llama said…
I used to looove scary movies but I dont know why but lately Ive been sooo terrified! You are brave girl! That one looks reaaallly scary...im sure my b/f will talk me in to watching it !
Jen~nae said…
LOVE LOVE LOVE the Saw movies!! It's become a tradition for Warren and I to watch it for Halloween! CAN'T WAIT!!! Wish I could watch it with you though cuz I'm sure you are HILARIOUS while you're watching it!!! :)

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