.10.4.09.."Shoot a wha????"

Okay, for those of you DO live here in the South...you all have some good eatin'!!
I tell ya...It's difficult to eat healthy here and actually feel good about it.
I have HEARD{ Chili pie? }
and SEEN, { I'm not sure what it is..but it's guuuuuud!}
and EATIN' {Fried Pickles?Who thought of these recipes???}
some of the most delish food here!! Aghhh!!

This was OUR first Fish Fry we've been too!!...This was at a Doctors house ( At the clinic where I work). He had a very nice Get-together for one of the Doctors that is abandoning us and moving on... :( ...And for our Prev. office manager... :(
They will be GREATLY missed. Wonderful people!

Anyhow...We shot a Potato GUN!! Yay! I know! Cool, huh?!!
I was sooooo excited when they asked if I would like to shoot it....I felt like a lil' girl in a drawing for a present...saying under my breath with my eyes closed tight...
"Oh, please pick me.pick me.pick me.......Yay!! I would lUUUUUUUV to shot the Pa-tate-toe Gun!"
It was great.
I want a pink one.
I.will.have.a.pa-tate-ta Gun.
Okay, after you shoot this thing. You can't help but smile..and laugh in my case.
If your ever. in a bad mood Ladies.
A potato gun. will put a smile on your face.
The wonderful contestants pictured:

Doesn't this look fun!!!???????
It was great!
I love the South.


Ashley Pizarro said…
You are too cute!! :) The eating down here in the South is AMAZING, I must say! :) Glad you had fun & you must find yourself a potato gun..in pink! I will be on the lookout!
Ali said…
Hi Miss Jody, this is Ali from The Way I See It. I noticed your lovely comment on my guest post on Tracy's blog and wanted to let you know that yes, I have a blog and the URL is alibdubrow.blogspot.com.

Thank you and hope to see you around my place because I'll be around yours! :)
Girl, we will fry ANYTHING down here!!

My husband has a potato gun. I hate that thing. Of course it could be because he fires it at the most inappropriate times!!
Lindsey said…
I love fried pickels, yum!!
Jen~nae said…
HAHA!! What in the HECK??!! A potato gun??? lol That is freakin hilarious! That thing looks like it would have a helluva kick! lol I'm glad you are enjoying the yummy foods down there! I'm jealous! :) Maybe you can shoot a potato my way! :) :)
Beth Dunn said…
You are a riot. I've not been blessed with eating true southern food it would seem.. but I'm most jealous of the potato shooter!! truly. My son said he is trying to win a marshmallow gun--that could work xoxo

Khaki said…
I live in New England now and cannot eat the 'fish and chips' up here at all. They do not know how to fry fish. There is nothing like a southern fish fry. Hope you had hushpuppies!
I can't wait to move south again...hopefully in three more years.
Meg said…
We went to a Fish Fry this weekend too. Mmm mm! Although, I don't really like fish, the chicken tenders and hush puppies were oh so yummy! ;)

I've never gotten into Fried pickles. They just gross me out. but it's the South -- like Megs said, we'll fry anything!

Potato Guns are sooo much fun!

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