.9.15.09.."Awwwww....what a sweet Mr."

So The Mr. left on business the other day, for Texas...
So, I got home today after work, and he was home! :)
Yay!!! with a big- huge smile on his face!!

"I brought you a present back....", he says.
I look at him ....and then looooook aaaalllll aroooooound the house.nothing.
"What?! Tell ME!!'" In the midst of eye-balling the house with a grin, ear to ear....still nothing.
I give up.
He pulls out ONE.Uno.solo.loser.lonesome.solitary.single.individual... BAG of
"Flamin Hot/Limon Crunchy Cheetos" !!!!! I was so excited! I jumped and down all happy!! This lasted during a hug and a kiss and then....
I stopped and looked at him seriously, and said.with a straight face.
He laughed and opened up a cupboard FULL of them!! It was heaven. Like...heaven. Yes, I screamed even more. More jumping up and down! Yay for ME!!!!!
He said ,he saw'em at a 7-11 in Texas while getting a drink and bought the store out..
Awwwww.......how sweet!!!
He said ,as he was putting them on the counter to purchase them, while people in the store watched him all clumsily carrying these to the counter....
"My wife is gonna love me..."


Anonymous said…
OMG that was the sweetest!!!!! Enjoy! = )
He obviously knows how much you love those!! So fun!
Jen~nae said…
OH MY GOSH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He is SOOO amazing!!!!!! You're the luckiest woman in the world Jody True Who! Hopefully you'll still be feeling so happy after you've eaten all those and your mouth is burning and your stomach is full! lol Oh man!!! I can SOO see him carrying all those bags and getting all those funny stares from people! haha He is a lovely man Jody True! I hope you are enjoying eating those while watching the finale of BB!!!!! :) I love ya girly!
It's almost like winning the jackpot--only tastier. Enjoy them!!!!
Lindsey said…
That is so sweet! Love the pic, you are adorable!!
Anonymous said…
Hahah, so adorable. Love the pic!
Yeah! What a sweet hubby!!! You got your cheetoes!!!
Miss Anne said…
he's the sweetest little muffinpants.
Meg said…
Ahhh, so so sweet!! :D
Food is a great way to say i love you! What a thoughtful husband!
i just nominated you for kreativ blog award!!!

love your blog, you know that :)

follow the directions!
That is the sweetest thing ever!! I know he made your day!!
Vanessa said…
That is so sweet! The little things make me happy too!!
Love the photo!
That's so cute! Sweet that he did that just for you.
Kristin said…
That's a good man!
Miss-happypants said…
hahahhahaha....that is so awesome! Daren...you are so awesome! I love how you guys love each other! i love how you guys always want to make each other happy! LOVE IT!!!! I really wish he had a brother. :)

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