Oh yes, he warned me.
"Don't let the cloudy day fool ya, you still will get burned.." so he said.....
It was a very HOT day at the water park and we had a blast!
The sun came and went throughout the day...however it did get to a skin burning 105...yip.That's right folks. It felt hotter.

This was the Mr.'s first ever experience with flip flops. His lil' white precious feet has never seen daylight!
and. after this day. Probably not again. Even though he didn't blame me for talking him into wearing flip flops { last time he burned the bottom of his feet so bad and they were tender for days after...:( } I felt horrible! I spent yesterday going store to store , trying to find the perfect burn cream. He had to wear his steel toe boots to work. He said with every step , made it feel like sand paper was in his boots...oh yeah. I felt awful...just so guilty. So I found some good ol', "Aloe Vera" stuff at the health food store for him. :)

He had the worse time trying to get a pix of himself underwater! { I love this camera}
He'd go under with the camera and his feet were like fish out of water! It would slap and kick the surface! He'd smack me and the person next to him with them flippers of his! He came up with a smile on his face not having a clue he just took out the lil' kid next to him. Wondering when he came out of the water : "What'd I miss? What happened to him? Why is he getting CPR?" His legs went everywhere! I learned after like the 6th time he went underwater to CLEAR!!!
He'd come up and I was waaaaayyyy over there!
I just laughed at him :)

If I could get away with it, I'd wear these flotation devices on my arms.
The Mr. did the honors and modeled for me what it would look like.
I like'em. I'll take two pairs.

He's so cute :) Be still my beating heart.

Ta da! That's it :)
Now I'll be heavily armed with SPF 100 (what is the highest?) for my Mr. the next time we go :)

After this fun filled day we went and stuffed ourselves at "Outback". oh. my. land. The food was soooo good. I'm happy to announce, it's now on our Fav. list now. :)

***********Cute Story Alert!!!*******

So the Mr. and I , as we were at this water park( as I mentioned above). They have these computerized lockers and well sometimes , frankly they are a pain in the keester!
So we see this lil' Asian dude having trouble...he turns to us and say, " Dis take wot muney?" I look at him and try to read his lips...huh? he repeats himself...and I think about it.."OH! Does it take wet money!" We laaaaaaaugh and then I get serious, cuz he's not. laughing.
So I said "Well, I'm not sure. But let's try together.." failure. not working. he's getting a lil frustrated. So I said, "You know. What you could do is just lay all your money ( he had a ROLL of $20 bills) along the wall, here ( I pointed at the waist-level wall) and just let it dry!! It will dry reaaaaaalllly fast! " I said this with enthusiasm and encouragement! He just looked at me like I was the biggest idiot in the world.
He said, "Noooooooo!" with really wide and huge eyes!
My hubby laaaaaauuughed and laaaaaughed more of a.....geez -Jody-I- can't- take -you- anywhere-laugh!
Well, he should know me by now.


Lindsey said…
Aww you two are soooo cute! And I just love the pics and I am jealous of your abs!!
I have always wanted to go to a water park. But never have gone! It looks so fun!
Miss Anne said…
I'm so glad you guys had so much fun. I'm going to show J the pic of the arm floaties... she's always saying how she wished she had some. :)

You guys are so cute.
p.s. you know my love for Asian folks. nice work!

xo miss you
Meg said…
yep, you can definitely burn even if it's cloudy! Looks like ya'll had fun though... loved the pictures! ;)
Jen~nae said…
JODY TRUE WHO!!!!!!!!!! SOOO jealous of the fab body! :) You're such a gorgeous lady! :) It looks like you two had a LOT of fun! I have a feeling possibly getting burned is not going to stop you guys from going to waterparks! haha Man the part about Daren's feet hitting the kid next to him had me rolling with laughter! :P :P SOOO funnY! And then of course about the Asian......Only Jody True would tell an Asian man to lay all his money out so it could dry real quick..... haha I bet he was SOOO annoyed with you!!! HAHAHAHA LOOOVVVEEE IIIITTTT!!! I love your blogs! (man I just realized how much CAPS I used!!!) oh well! :)
Cassie Cass said…
I love these pics Jody! You are so cute!!! I am jealous of your bikini body!! The one with Daren and his floaties on his arms is one of my favs.....I wonder if that's how Sean feels when I have to put those on him! Miss ya Jody but glad your having such a great time!
Miss-happypants said…
Okay...that was funny! I could just see the little asian guy looking at you like you are crazy. I agree that it would dry quickly but all you need is some little kid running up and stealing a 20 or a breeze coming by. He's like I'm not asking those dumb Americans for advice anymore! I probably would have told him the same thing. It's a 105...it'll dry in 30 seconds!

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