.7.11.09.."You were born to fly!"

Yes, ladies and gents that is a song by the one and only "Miss Sara Evans".
It was a hot and muggy night tonight, sitting out in the benches while the bugs ate you alive and while watching the gorgeous Sara Evans! She was so amazing and so worth every minute of it! She sang a song by Elvis, "Suspicious Minds." Oh my gosh! I love that song! The hubby and I sang it together ,goofing off. Brings back memories of my Mom dancing around the house when the came on the radio when I was a lil' girl. Oh the memories :)

We had the wonderful pleasure of spending this evening with the wonderful Fam. as you all know as..... "The wonderful Fam", how fitting, huh?
However, the "kids" picked up tickets for the Mr. and I, and what a great treat! :) After the concert was over we sat and watched everyone in the parking lot, try to bottle-neck their way out! We sat and watched that show until it died down then sca-dattled out of there! Then went for a lil' midnight clothes shopping for the Mr....{summer clothes he's not use to wearing.} Hey folks he's going from "Cinch jeans/Ariat boots" to "shorts/t-shirt/flip flops! You have no idea how this is a major change for him! I'm sooooooo proud of him. I can tell he's so miserable in all those clothes. He's gonna try flip flops! A country Boy! This is a big Deal, for those of you who know the Mr. you know...
However he and I are heading to play at the water park all day tomorrow(Sunday). Get all nice and burned :)
Stay tuned for those pics also! :)


Jillian, Inc said…
Sara's actually a friend of mine, and it's been so long since I've seen her! She's doing a concert here in the ATL area in August and I can't wait to catch up with her! She does look great, doesn't she? Her new marriage has done amazing things for her, I think.
Miss-happypants said…
Wow, that is a big change for the Mr. Good for you Daren! It didn't take ya long. :) Flip flops are my favorite shoes.
OH!!!! I love to listen to Evans! She's in my cd player right now...

Lindsey said…
Lucky!!! LOVE Sara Evans!
annette said…
wasn't that sooo fun! I think I slept the whole next day though. love you!!
Oh my gosh I am about to faint here! Shorts and flip flops!!! I dont believe it!

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