3.9.09.." I've been Tagged!"

I have been tagged by "Southern Bride"...I will follow the rules here..

1. Go to your desktop and in your file folder for pics, pick the 6th folder with the 6th picture.
2. Tell a story about that picture and post it on your blog.
3. Now tag 5 others and pass it on. Make sure you send them an e-mail to let them know they have been tagged!

These are the ladies I've tagged:

Hello Cupcake

Indefinitely definite

Pocket Full of Pink

Army Blogger Wife

Keep My Solider Safe

So with this picture..I can't believe this is the one that showed up! My mom will kill me if she ever learned how to use a computer and read my blog!
My Mom and I looove to go to the Goodwill and try try on crazy stuff!
This particular day, I saw these ugly hats and begged my mom to try these on, just so I could get pics! We were laughing sooooo hard and the string on her hat was going up her nose , then in her mouth..without laughing with her mouth wide open so everyone could see down her throat..she was trying to hold this string, but the hat was so top heavy it kept pulling backwards and putting that string up her nose! We laughed even harder when we saw the pics we took...sorry that wasn't the 6th one...this one is! Ha!



Miss Anne said…
ha! great tag!

i'll play when i get home.

That is a good story!! love it!!
Mrs. Nurse said…
what a fun picture! you look like your mom :)
Miss-happypants said…
That is a great pic of your mom and you! You both look like you're having a ton of fun.

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