Monday, May 9, 2011

"Had A Wonderful day"

All my "scrapbuddies" showed up for a day of scrappin'
and take-n-makes!

All the ladies were wonderful and it was a little warm out...
I didn't think it would get that warm at all..
I was feeling bad cause it was so muggy!

But in all, I feel everyone had a good time and may return next year!! :)


carolyn said...

I wish Les & I could have been there to enjoy all the fun too!

Jen~nae said...

Awwww fun!!! Was this at your beautiful house??? Looks like you had a beautiful day for it!! Glad you had a good time!!! Miss and love ya girly!!

Miss-happypants said...

Awesome! Was it at your house? I miss scrapbooking with you. I think we've only gotten together once since you've been gone. It's just not the same.

Llama said...

I love scrappin! How funn!!!!!:)