"Yeah ummm...Creepy..."

I'm a HUGE
Twilight Fan.
But when I saw this...
A silhouette of Edward?
In your room?
Feeling like your being stared at?
Uh No.
I do not need any help to my
crazy imagination!
When I was a little girl and when all the lights were out,
I could trick myself into the simplest
things in my room,
 being the
SCARIEST things ever!!
I'd just hide under my covers...

Have a wonderful day :)


Jen~nae said…
hahahaha tis a lil strange! I feel ya girly! I use to always convince myself there was something under my bed, so when Id shut off my light Id have to take a running start and leap onto my bed so whatever was under it wouldnt grab my feet! lol

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