You know us
and them boat shows!
Gotta go see what's up! :)

Found a model and $$$$
we like...
now there is one more show coming
@ the end of Feb. we
have to see...
just in time for boating season....
I hope we finally get one!
The Mr. likes to look at all his
I'm like:
This is good,
I like this one,
What about this?,
Love this one...

Well, yea-no.

Finding that perfect price..
I do miss Oregon's
"no Sales Tax"
Oh, how I miss it :)

Have a great tax-free
day Oregon :)

{yes, I'm aware it's paid for in the long run...}
stupid uncle sam...


Miss-happypants said…
Fun! Did you guys find the boat you wanted at the February show?

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