I know, I know....it's not Wednesday..
However LIl' Sweet "Short Southern Mama" presented me with this award....
To show off my make-up ...umm, er,...bag? More like Tackle box.
Okay, I go over the top when I like something....or just an over-the-top person :)
This make-up holder-thingy works great! I have to have it all organized and everything has to be in the right place..or it drives me nuts! When I go for it...it has to be right there.....this works well for my OCD heart and mind.
But my main make-up brand has to be "Body Shop". They do NO ANIMAL TESTING for their products...my friend Miss Anne got me on this line and I love it! I have very sensitive skin/eyes and I have to say...my skin reacts well to it. No OTC products for me. I try, then regret it....
I love me some shimmer! Anything shimmery-glowing affect and pretty...okay,
not anything sweaty just-came-out-of-the-gym-look....just.....nice.
So just like any other girls makeup collection....looks like the rest of ya's, right?
Well, I know Miss Anne also has a box like this.... :)
So.......do I pass this along to 5 others?
I guess I'll find out.
Have a great day !!


WOW! That looks like a professional make-up artists kit. Mine used to resemble yours, but I've toned it down in the last few months to make for easier travel and more compactness. But, I really need to go make-up shopping! Thanks for sharing!
Heather said…
Love the things in your bag!! You always looks so great in your pictures and your so pretty!!
Vanessa said…
LOVE the Body Shop!
The last time I saw a tackle box full of make-up was at a FX fashion show! Wish I could have that much make up!
you have some serious make up girl! Love it! Thanks so much for playing along! Hope your having a great night! = )
I never would have guessed that you are OCD. But hey, if you find something you love and can use, go for it. Happy shopping!!!!
Blog-unclogged said…
That is the make-up kit of someone who has too much time on their hands! (just telling it like I see it) I think the police would be visiting my house if I had to sift through all of that just to put on my face because my dear hubby would be the one calling them for fear I had been kidnapped or wandered off in a coma like trance; and all this time I was trapped in my bathroom with an endless array of make-up to try and PICK only a few. Choices and decisions are NOT my strong point. So where your OCD reigns, it is my terrible decision making ability in which a make-up kit like that would just KILL me....I would be in there trying EVERYTHING! And then taking it all off because I didn't like the choice I made.....soooooo I mostly wear my plain ole face! Life of a busy mom on a farm, the barn animals won't mind my naked face.

Anyway...I see your Burt's Bees in there or is that something else?
Jen~nae said…
Geeze leweeze Jody True Who! You have the whole store in there! lol You sure know how to use make-up well cuz you always look so gorgeous! :) You're gorgeous without it, too! And I'm not surprised at all that it's as organized as it is.... Wouldn't of thought that from you at all. :)
Miss-happypants said…
Jo goes crazy on everything she buys...has to have one in every color...lol. I'm more of the "whatever type". Whatevers on sale, whatever you don't want, whatever ya think might look good on me. lol
Well My Make Up case is not even close to that big. But it is growing.
The liquid eye liner is growing on me....I am getting better! lol
And I agree I love the shimmer!!
Miss Anne said…
Oh sweet pea! i'm sorry i've neglected your blog!!!

i saw this post and smiled. :)

you're beautiful inside and out...

the shimmer is always a plus! ;)


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