" I {{HEART}} My New Camera"

This Camera Rocks!
I love it.
I'm learning all the settings and all the Bells and Whistles....so much to learn when taking a good picture.
I'm no way near close to some of these ladies on my Blog who are just...breathtaking.
I drool on my computer, admiring thier photography skills.
I'm having fun learning!!


Miss-happypants said…
awww...the pics look great Jo. Daren does too! He looks so much more handsome without the stash. I hope he keeps the look. :)
Beth Dunn said…
I love your new camera too! xoxo
Ashley Pizarro said…
Looks like you are doing a good job!! I bet the Mr. loved being the key star in your photo shoot!
Trish said…
wow great pic's, not to mention that having a wonderful subject never hurts :O)

Oh, I also sent you my address using my son's email address. so if you see a strange name in your in box....ITS ME!

Blair said…
Beautiful pictures!

Happy New Year!
The pictures do look fabulous -- love the new ending result from the camera!
Wow you are talented! Hubs got me a really nice camera thinking that would help my photography skills-ha then we realized you have to just be talented!
Miss Anne said…
You're doing a GREAT job!

Daren is so handsome. I love the no 'stache look!

xox miss you!

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